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My Life
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Sugarbush VT,
my home mountain

Sugarbush Vermont

        Born in Vermont in 1979, I attended school until I graduated from Spaulding High School in 1998.  From graduation, I attented UVM for one year still unsure of my future goals and aspirations.  My travels to Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho offered me the life experiences I was searching for. The two years spent away from Vermont showed me a love for the wilderness and children I would not have learned without traveling. 
        Through my travels, I worked as a guide in Glacier National Park with children from Indian reservations.  My first group of kids thought the name "Catherine" did not suit me as a person.  So, as the days went on, mysteriously my name changed to "Cat".  People often ask how I obtained the name, or if I was given the name "Cat" from birth, so I thought I would share.
        After living in the west for two years, I moved to Australia and took three classes in Nutrition at the University of Melbourne.  Here, I learned how to blend with the Aussies.  Although I did not speak their attractive language, I still learned much about survival in another country.  Knowing I was so far away from what I called "home" was challenging at times.  I did however make the most of my time in the land "down under". I worked as a guide teaching young children about the Great Ocean Road and the Apostles (this gave me work for two months).  This was my first experience working with such young ages (grades 2-4).  As I was taking classes in nutrition and teaching these children at the same time, I often wondered if I should be taking classes in education instead of nutrition.  I now know how strong my love for education is through these experiences.

Pine tree

A Few of my favorite Educational quotes
"The teacher is one who made two ideas grow where only one grew before"
Elbert Hubbard
"The man who can make hard things easy is the educator"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Learning is something students do, NOT something done to students"
Alfie Kohn
"That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way. "
--Doris Lessing
"One can never consent to creep when one feels the compulsion to soar".
Helen Keller

Paraeducator, Grade 2

Currently, I am a one-on-one Para educator in the second grade classroom.  I work with a young 8 year old boy I'll call "Jason".  Jason has Downs Syndrome and the happiest attitude towards life I have ever seen in a child.  The amount of enjoyment which he brings to my life alone is unexplainable.  Working with Jason has been the most rewarding time of my life.  Through my travels and experiences I began understanding how much I loved teaching.  My only concern wrevolved around the question, "what do I love teaching the most?"  From the first week I began working with Jason, my questions were answered.  This whole time I thought I was doing the teaching.  Instead, we have been teaching one another.  I now hope to finish my studies in early childhood education.

"Education comes from living life, following passions, accessing information, observing, reflecting, and being inspired by wise and courageous elders in the community."
- Claire Aumonier

I wake up every morning determined both to change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning the day a little difficult.
E. B. White